Noah: The True Story

Dr. Joel McDurmon

Narrated By: Teagan Moore
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Too often, discussions of Noah’s Ark turn either to trivial statistics and curiosities or else hopeless doom-and-gloom “end times” predictions. But the true story has so much more to tell us, and it is a hopeful story, not a frightening one.

To be sure, there is sin and judgment in the story, but that is not the star of the show. The real message is not about the storm, but how to weather the storm. The long view is about godly civilization and the path to it.

While Hollywood may spin and twist the story for its purposes, and Christian dooms-dayers do not much better, the true story of Noah too often remains untold. Until now.

In the following pages, Dr. Joel McDurmon will tell you the story of Noah as realistically as possible. And that’s where the gold is found: as you understand the background of what was going on, how and why it came about, and what occurred as a result, you will begin to see things are not much different with our own society today. The story of Noah becomes in many ways a mirror for our own time. In some places, you may not be able to tell if he is speaking of his time or ours. This is no accident. We hope for all to see the important parallels. We hope the truth shocks you in some ways, inspires you in others, and challenges you in yet more. For that is what Noah’s story shows us: how the faithful, through God, overcome all challenges the world can throw at them, and arrive in place for a better way of life.