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Joe Salant


The right wing is statism dressed in a police uniform: Sacrifice liberty for security and give up your rights in the name of “law and order.” Conservatives merely conserve the policies of the left from several decades ago. The left wing is statism dressed in a nanny apron: Sacrifice liberty for security and give up your rights so the ruling masterminds will care for you. The only kind of liberty pushed by liberals is the freedom to deface the Image of God through sexual immorality.
Both sides are equally intellectually schizophrenic.

Christians in our culture are given these two options and told to pick. Conservative clergy vie for the affections of the right wing. Liberal clergy vie for the affections of the left wing. Each promoting a group think mentality. It’s a package deal. “If you’re with us, these are your positions on immigration, law enforcement, taxation, etc., now get in your hole.”

However, many in the rising generation (Millennials, Generation X) are starting to call B.S. on both sides of the political football game and demonstrate the desire to break the chains of the power religion in government and the churches. This podcast equips those who have escaped from the collectivist orb of the American right/left divide to see current events in the culture and the ecclesiastical landscape in the light of God’s Perfect Law of Liberty.

In Star Wars, the X-Wing fighters are the first to fire on the evil empire. That’s what this is. Judgment is upon us, yet the future is bright as ever for those who hunger and thirst for righteousness and justice. Deconstructing the old pagan establishment with all its pseudo Christian trappings is a vital step of Christian Reconstruction.
We got that justice for ya. We are X-Wing. Come get it.

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