Hundreds of audiobooks, thousands of podcast episodes, and more. Accessible in the palm of your hand anywhere, anytime.

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Hundreds of Audiobooks

Listen to your favorite authors online or offline. We have books from R.J. Rushdoony, Gary North, Stephen Perks, David Chilton, Joel McDurmon, Phil Kayser, and more. Our team of volunteer narrators are always working on new books, so your library will continue to grow!

Thousands of Podcast Episodes

Christian Reconstruction is all about applying God’s law word to every area of life. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what that looks like in different applications. Our team of podcasters produce episodes chocked full of practical, tactical wisdom on bringing scripture to bear on everything from education to the family, business, entertainment, and more.




Customized Experience

Subscribe to your favorite podcasts, create lists of your favorite audiobooks or save them for later, sync your library to your device for offline access, take (and share) notes, and more.

Connect with Others

Whether you’re traveling and looking for like-minded brethren to fellowship with, or are new to the faith, we’ll help you connect with other kingdom-minded believers.

Future Features

From the beginning, we have had a big vision for this app, with future updates including lecture, conference, and sermon content (from Rushdoony, Bahnsen, Chilton, Kayser, and more!) RSS feeds for news/blog aggregation from your favorite websites, as well as music streaming, videos & films, events calendar, and a community forum/chat.

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To support our work, you can make a one-time or set up recurring tax-deductible donations.

We are 100% volunteer-led. That means that every dollar donated goes directly to the work being done!

Though we have currently raised all necessary funds for the app, there will be ongoing costs associated with keeping it safe, secure, and updated. Please prayerfully consider supporting.

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Interested in Being a Beta User?

We know you’ve been waiting…and though we do have some initial bugs and essential features to wrap up, we’re allowing beta users access before we officially launch.

What does being a Beta User mean?

What is doesn’t mean…

It doesn’t mean you’re a Beta Tester, where we expect you to dig through the app and give feedback on bugs and issues. We’ve been going through the app for a while now and have a list we’re working through.

What is does mean…

You can start using the app, knowing there may be some hiccups along the way.

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