Volume 1: Chapter 1: Sections 9-16

R.J. Rushdoony

Narrated By: Jason Sanchez
Book: R.J. Rushdoony’s Systematic Theology

The infallible word of God is the foundation of presuppositional apologetics. The existential man points to mankind and his ever changing experiences as the infallible word. This is the difference between building your presuppositions on shifting sand vs the unmovable rock of the word of God, Jesus Christ.

In the following sections you will get a better grasp of mans rebellion against the biblical concept of thinking God‘s infallible thoughts after him. This is the very battleground where the defense of the faith is fought.

I. Infallibility
9. The Infallible Movement
10. Who Speaks the Word?
11. The Word of Dominion
12. The Word of Flux
13. The Word and History
14. The Infallible Word
15. Moloch Man and the Word of God
16. Infallibility and the World of Faith


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