The Political Economy of a Christian Society

Stephen Perks

Narrated By: Nathan Conkey

Contrary to much popular opinion, economics is not a subject that is religiously neutral. The way the economy works is intimately bound up with fundamental issues of right and wrong, and what one judges to be right or wrong is itself intimately bound up with one’s religious perspective. Furthermore, the Christian Scriptures give specific and abiding rules about how men are to behave economically. It is the calling and duty of the church to address all areas in which God has revealed ethical norms for human behaviour. God has given laws to mankind governing both realms of activity. It is necessary therefore that the church should bring the moral teaching of the Bible to bear on the economic issues that face modern society. If Christians are to do this effectively, however, they must be informed. Ignorance of the economic realities upon which so much of life depends will vitiate the church’s ability to speak prophetically in this area and call the present generation back to gaithfulness to God’s word.

The purpose of this book is to introduce the reader to the subject of Christian economics. Its aim is twofold: first, to give a general overview of the field of economics; to elucidate the general principles of economic concepts and the basic structures of economic institutions, and to provide a perspective that will enable the reader to assimilate the details of our modern economic system into an overall understanding of how the economy has developed and currently functions. Secondly, the book aims to indicate in what respects the economy needs to be reformed if it is to conform to Christian standards and so point the way to what the political economy of a Christian society should be like.