Chapter 5

Stephen Perks

Narrated By: Nathan F. Conkey
Book: The Politics of God and the Politics of Man


Section 1: Historical Misconceptions

Section 2: Socialism and Revolution

Section 3: Socialism and Slavery

Section 4: Socialism and Christianity

Section 5: Capitalism and Christianity

Section 6: Socialism as Religion

Section 7: Socialism, Mammon and Patronage

Section 8:  Conclusion

Excursus – Some Neglected Aspects of Marxist Ideology

Section 1: Marxist Communism and Socialism

Section 2: Marxism and Sexual Communism

Section 3: Marxist Communism and the Family

Section 4: Marxism, Libertarianism and Idolatry

Section 5: Marxism, Fascism and Socialism


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