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Podcast: Once Dead

From the all too typical American story of love that is not found on the Truth of God’s Word, my parents tried to build a family apart from a covenant with God and wound up divorcing after 23 years of marriage when I was 11. With no real Christian influence in my life, I turned to the world and the things it has to offer for my fulfillment. Though there was always a vestige of belief in “God” (whoever that was) and had an awareness that He might be real, the life I lived proved that the god I believed in didn’t care so much about me living for Him, but for gratifying myself.

Through the false pride in my own goodness that came from comparing myself with others, to the lies, the affairs and much betrayal, God proved that He is so much bigger than the absolute wrecks we can make of our lives and of other’s lives. But, if He wants you as His, He’ll bring you to the place that you know that all that matters is living for and serving Him in the Earth for the rest of your life. From a godless pagan to a new creation in Christ Jesus, I was created for good works which God created beforehand, that I would walk in them. May His Kingdom fill the Earth.


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