Martin Selbrede on Taking Dominion Through Art

Gordan & Joyce Runyan

Podcast: Worldview Media

Gordan interviews the Vice President of Chalcedon, Martin Selbrede. Martin is a prolific writer, renowned scholar, novelist, and classical music composer. He is featured in the movie, “The Principle.” Topics range from the relationship between culture and the arts; why Christians need to go back to J.S. Bach and restart from there; and how kingdom-builders ought to approach the task of writing novels.

Martin G. Selbrede: Concerto for Trumpet, Horn & Trombone, Opus 81 (c) 1994, 2000, 2017
First performed by the Los Angeles Solo Repertory Orchestra on Feb. 13, 1994 at the Hall of Liberty, this so-called Triple Concerto features the three solo brass instruments in contrast with the full orchestra:

  • M4A (iTunes AAC link) for the three movements:
  • MP3 link for the three movements:

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