Intellectual Schizophrenia

Posted on April 4, 2020

Written by R.J. Rushdoony

When this brilliant and prophetic book was first published in 1961, the Christian homeschool movement was years away and even Christian day schools were hardly considered a viable educational alternative. But this book and the author’s later Messianic Character of American Education were a resolute call to arms for Christians to get their children out of the pagan public schools and provide them with a genuine Christian education. Dr. Rushdoony had predicted that the humanist system, based on anti-Christian premises of the Enlightenment, could only get worse. Rushdoony was indeed a prophet. He knew that education divorced from God and from all transcendental standards would produce the educational disaster and moral barbarism we have today.

The title of this book is particularly significant in that Dr. Rushdoony was able to identify the basic contradiction that pervades a secular society that rejects Gods sovereignty but still needs law and order, justice, science, and meaning to life. As Dr. Rushdoony writes, “there is no law, no society, no justice, no structure, no design, no meaning apart from God.” And so, modern man has become schizophrenic because of his rebellion against God.

Casa Sanchez

Casa Sanchez

Posted on June 11, 2020

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In this rousing war room free-for-all held at Casa Sanchez with host Bill Evans, and War Room guests Jason Sanchez, Gilbert Lino, Gabriel Colangelo and Matt Vitelli engage in typical man talk over aged scotch and fine cigars-family, ecclesiastical & civil government, secession, abolishing human abortion, biblical leadership, the priesthood of every believer, making disciples, education and culture.

Don’t mind the children in the background, God calls them a blessing and they tire out way before we do 😉