Christendom Restored

Posted on June 27, 2020

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Christendom Restored is a website by Bojidar Marinov, Frank Brito, Micah Hurd, and others that covers topics topics related to the Church and Christ’s kingdom. Practical, applied Reformed theology is what you’ll get from these audio articles from on the Reconstructionist Radio Reformed Theology Podcast Network.


Chalcedon Podcast

Posted on July 21, 2020

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Welcome to the official podcast of the Chalcedon Foundation hosted by Mark Rushdoony, Martin Selbrede, and Andrea Schwartz.

The Chalcedon Foundation® is a think tank for the self-governing Christian, devoted to the research, publishing, and promotion of Christian Reconstruction. We believe that the Christian faith is applicable to every area of life and thought and that all things are to be “reconstructed” according to God’s revealed will in Scripture.