What is Christian Reconstruction?

By: Jason Sanchez

Published: July 29, 2020
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As a Theonomist that is also a Christian Reconstructionist, I often see that Christian Reconstructionism is also misrepresented, as if we want to impose tyrannical rule over the nations devoid of the gospel. A reason for this is that often in these discussions an important part of the equation is left out: our eschatological views. I hold that consistent Postmillennialism leads to Christian Reconstruction, and vice versa, because God’s law-word is the only holy, righteous, and just standard by which God has instructed His image bearers to live. This is always instituted through the gospel. Our weapons are not carnal. This is why most of us theonomists are postmil, because we believe that through the power of the Holy Spirit more and more men and women will be regenerated as time goes on. It could happen in 100 years or 10,000 years. It doesn’t matter because we have been commissioned by our King who reigns now and is putting all of His enemies under His feet until the last enemy is defeated. All this because of the numerous promises in Scripture that He shall have Dominion. It is our job to be ambassadors, light and salt to the world, teaching the nations to obey all that He has commanded, which one of those commands is to repent and believe the gospel.

A Few Things to Consider

  • If a man can be regenerated and in turn families restored and churches revived through the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, why can’t the state and every area of life be transformed?
  • Are not the state and all areas of life made up of men and women?
  • The gospel changes the hearts and minds of men and women and they in turn are called to be light and salt.
  • When light enters darkness it swallows up the darkness. Only when light is covered or hidden does darkness prevail.

Let your light shine to the glory of God!

What is Christian Reconstruction?

Gary Demar does an excellent job summarizing what Christian Reconstruction is in his book Christian Reconstruction: What it is, What it isn’t (co-authored with Gary North):

“Christian Reconstruction, unlike Christian ‘movements’ in general, has no central director, no overall, tightly controlled strategy. What unites Reconstructionists is their commitment to certain distinctive biblical doctrines that are fundamental to the Christian faith and have been supported by the church for centuries. In particular, Reconstructionists espouse the following distinctives.

  1. Regeneration – salvation by grace through faith – is man’s only hope both in this age and in the age to come. Only new men who reflect the image of God in Christ can bring about any significant social change since social change follows personal change, and personal change can only come through regeneration. God’s sovereignty as it relates to personal salvation and limited institutional authority is foundational for the salvation of man and the abolition of tyranny.
  2. The continuing validity and applicability of the whole law of God, including, but not limited to, the Mosaic case laws is the standard by which individuals, families, churches, and civil governments should conduct their affairs.
  3. A victorious view of the future progress of the kingdom of God prior to the return of Christ is foundational for the building of a Christian civilization.
  4. Presuppositional apologetics as opposed to evidentialism establishes that God’s Word is self-authenticating and is the judge of all other supposed authorities, human reason included.
  5. A decentralized social order where civil government is only one legitimate government among many other governments, including family government and ecclesiastical (church) government, is the basis for a free and orderly society.

One does not have to hold to all of these distinctives to be thought of as a Reconstructionist, although the belief that personal regeneration precedes family, church, civil, and societal regeneration is foundational to all theories of social reform.”

Want to Know More?

Here are some great resources if you’d like to look into Christian Reconstruction a bit more:

I pray that after reading this you would have a good grasp on what Christian Reconstruction is and that even if you disagree, that you would help eradicate the boogeyman that so often pops up.

Grace and peace in Christ our King!