Torture: A Biblical Critique

Dr. Phillip Kayser

Narrated By: Nathan Conkey
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The United Nations, Solidarity International, and some human rights organizations have tried to define and rule out torture, but have been frustrated at how difficult it is to even define the term. Is abortion torture? Solidarity International surprisingly says “No.” But what is even more bizarre, that “human rights” organization has successfully brought a complaint before the United Nations against Nicaragua, claiming that this nation is engaging in torture against women on a massive scale by prohibiting all abortion! What is torture? Should our civil government ever engage in torture? How do we know? It is the contention of this author that apart from the infallible revelation of God in the Scriptures, no one can give a consistent answer. What are we to think of the practices of spanking, waterboarding, and corporal punishment? This booklet seeks to give a Biblically consistent answer to these and other questions.