Understanding the Bible in 90 Minutes

Dr. Joel McDurmon

Narrated By: Gabriel Quintana
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Would you like to learn what the Bible is all about, but find the book itself a little daunting, way too long, or you have no idea where to start? Need a quick introduction for a Bible course or a religion course? Then Understanding the Bible in 90 Minutes is written just for you. This book is designed to explain the basics of the Bible, what each of its parts contains, how they fit together as a whole, and what it all means.

Whether you are looking from the outside-in, wanting to learn what the key text of the Christian faith is all about, or whether you are on the inside wanting to learn the basics of what the Bible says and means, this book will serve your needs perfectly. It will equally serve interested people of all faith backgrounds, no faith, or new converts. It can also work for basic Sunday Schools and other Christian educational settings.

For Christians, “the Bible” is “the Book.” It is the book of all books, the most important book there is. Most who read it seriously find it at once challenging and comforting, transcendent and accessible, imposing and intimate, frightening and safe, demanding and giving, life-changing and life-reaffirming. You will certainly not regret the time you devote to learn­ing about it. This book will help you understand the overall picture of the whole Bible, in its parts and as a whole, as efficiently as possible. The aver­age reader should be able to read it all in only about 90 minutes.