14: Philosophy of Voting & 9 Marks On The Gospel And Culture

Adam Moore, John Howell, Dustin Ranem, Colin Pearson

Podcast: #DatPostmil Podcast
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This week we had a great discussion on voting. It’s a timely issue and needs to be seriously thought about by all Christians. How should we support the existing government? Should we dissent? Is there such thing as a wasted vote? We covered the RPCNA’s voting stance, mostly focusing on the supremacy clause of the US Constitution (stating that the supreme authority is itself and the laws made) and the religious pluralism upheld by the First Amendment (explicitly denying the First Commandment). Then we discussed an article on the 9Mark website (see link below) regarding the Gospel and Culture. We encourage you all to visit the page and engage them in the comment section! Cheers folks!

Here are some recommended links for further study:

“Religious liberty is letting every man choose his own way to hell.”



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