4: Practical Postmil with Bojidar Marinov

Adam Moore, John Howell, Dustin Ranem, Colin Pearson

Podcast: #DatPostmil Podcast
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Episode 4 of DatPostmil Podcast is here a bit late due to some issues with our feed, however what we have for you this week is an interview with an extra special guest! We were honored to chat with Bojidar Marinov before we even started this podcast. We reached out to him and he agreed to discuss Postmillennialism and missions before we had anything set up; and we’re thankful for him taking a chance on us 😉

We’re excited for you to hear what this man had to say:

Episode 4’s Tweet This moment:

“The most misquoted verse in the New Testament is John 3:16” –@bojidar_marinov @datpostmil #datpostmil #missions


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