9: Jeff Durbin On Embers of a Dying Fire

Adam Moore, John Howell, Dustin Ranem, Colin Pearson

Podcast: #DatPostmil Podcast
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eff Durbin karate-chopped and ninja-turtled his way onto this week’s episode, and it was fantastic! We talked about Apologia Church, Apologia Radio, and Apologia Studios and what God is doing with those ministries. Jeff explained to us what’s new and what we can expect to see/hear from them in the near future. We also talked about how Jeff is not actually a ninja (though he vigorously defended it) and other obviously very important things. Then we talked about what a biblical worldview is and how/why Postmillennilaism and Theonomy are important to a comprehensive biblical worldview. We also talked briefly about how to disagree in a loving fashion, and how to leave others with no excuse to stumble over our behavior. We hope you enjoy!

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“When u dont look to Gods law to define justice, u dont end up loving your neighbor.” -Jeff Durbin @apologiaradio @datpostmil #datpostmil



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