Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Posted on June 16, 2020

Written by Stephen C. Perks


Section 1: Christianity and Politics

Section 2: The Establishment Principle

Section 3: The Function of the State

Section 4: The Secular State and Persecution

Section 5: Conclusion

Excursus – Definition of Terms

Section 1: Church

Section 2: Religion

Section 3: Politics, Political, Political Sphere, Political Realm

Section 4: State, Civil Government, Magistrate

Section 5: Multiculturalism

Section 6: World-View


The Politics of Humanism

Posted on February 6, 2024

Written by Dr. Jason Garwood

The Politics of Humanism is both a theological and practical look at the abhorrent philosophies and doctrines of humanism. Covering a wide-range of topics like racism, immigration, gun control, the drug war, and the military industrial complex, the book seeks to both examine the faulty presuppositions of humanism, and offer up a better way, one which aligns with the totality of Scripture. Dr. Jason Garwood offers both width and depth as it pertains to the greatest rival of Christianity: humanism and its powerful god, Statism. A call to fight, Dr. Garwood gives us tools to win the battle.