Author’s Note

Dr. Jason Garwood

Narrated By: Scott Tucker
Book: Outside the Camp
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Chapter Text

The reason this book exists is because of what took place in the spring of 2020, namely, the COVID-19 global pandemic. There is no doubt that this experience was unprecedented, at least for everyone alive at the time. We were told that if we could simply cease all operations—business/work, school, traveling, etc.—for two weeks in order to “flatten the curve,” that things would be all right again. I was prepared, along with pretty much everyone else, to go ahead and relax for two weeks and see how things transpired. Two weeks came and went, and the narrative evolved. Additionally, things like mask mandates and six-foot social distancing practices were put into place. Grocery stores demanded that you follow the arrows that were taped on the floor. Executive orders from state governors enforced mandatory “lockdowns” which soon began to negatively affect restaurants and small businesses. Concerns started to be voiced as many people were laid off or simply let go from their source of livelihood permanently (some in our church had this happen).

The lockdown efforts didn’t apply to the sick but to everyone. The narrative changed and we began to see a collective shift in how we dealt with sickness. Suddenly everyone was a threat. An example of this was and is the mask mandates. Those who were asymptomatic (what we regular folks call “healthy”) were informed that they could be silent killers. As a consequence of this blanketed approach, everyone was affected. The economic damage is self-evident, and so is the emotional damage. Admittedly the virus is deadly to those who have other underlining health problems. But we still have a 99% or higher survival rate. Why in the world were we destroying the economy this way?

Several of us smelled the rat and began to speak up. Our church put on a local “Re-open Fauquier County” rally. We were tired of seeing our neighbor’s lives being destroyed by harmful policies and medical mandates. We were tired of the goal posts moving and the audibles being called. Simply put, we were frustrated by the injustice being perpetrated by the white coats and neck ties.

I believe that future generations are going to look back and see that this was perhaps one of the most mishandled “emergencies” in all of human history.  I’m not suggesting that the virus isn’t a big deal and that the people who have died, or the people who have lost loved ones, deserved it. But I am saying that health belongs to the individual and the family and not the Federal Beast. When we give the state control over our health, disaster follows.

Having the conviction that the Bible applies to every area of life is why I wrote this little book. We must go to the teaching and the testimony (Isaiah 8:20)! I hope and pray this will provide clarity for the future of Christendom.