#3: Russian & Ukraine

Dr. Jason Garwood

Podcast: Cross & Crown Radio
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Russia has invaded Ukraine, and Americans are debating what to do about it. Is there something that the mainstream media might be missing?


  1. President Biden has made his selection of our next Supreme Court Justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson—who is she, and how do we expect her to do as she replaces Justice Stephen Breyer?
  2. The Legacy Standard Bible, while not really a news headline per se, is my new favorite thing—I’ll explain why.
  3. I’m saddened to report that Dr. Gary North has gone to be with the Lord. I’ll share some thoughts about Dr. North and his ginormous contributions to biblical scholarship.

Theonomy or Autonomy

With Russia’s ongoing war with Ukraine, we’re going to take a look at biblical principles regarding war and whether or not the Bible has much to say about the topic.


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