#4: Comprehensive Christianity

Dr. Jason Garwood

Podcast: Cross & Crown Radio
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While the world continues to suffer under the weight of humanism, what should we as Christians be doing to posture ourselves in righteousness as we consider the future? Should we panic and hope for some vague prophecy to sweep us away? Or should we get busy with the task of Christendom? We’ll discuss.


  1. Children’s Health Defense says Pfizer and FDA dropped data bombshell on COVID vaccine consumers—but the world is too busy with Putin.
  2. Gas prices have reached an all-time high, but who is to be blamed for this?
  3. Idaho considers a bill which would make gender treatment of trans youth a felony.

Theonomy or Autonomy

With bills of abolition that seek to make abortion illegal being put forth in places like Oklahoma, Texas, North Carolina, and South Carolina, we’ll take a look at the issue of bodily autonomy: what are the arguments and what does God’s law have to say?


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