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These are not partial books or “demo” books or very old books. They are full-text books. And they are free.

We call this site “Free Books” for a reason: everything on this site is free for you to read online, download, or e-mail to a friend.

What’s Available Here?

Here are just a few of the topics that the free books on this website deal with:

  • education
  • economics
  • history
  • government
  • creationism
  • prophecy
  • demonism-occultism
  • secular humanism
  • the U.S. Constitution
  • politics
  • foreign policy
  • abortion
  • family
  • divorce & remarriage
  • evangelism

A Biblical World & Life Homeschool Curriculum

The 90+ free books and 800+ free newsletters on this site introduce Christians to the fundamental principles for building a Bible-based Christian worldview, also called a Christian world-and-life view. A Bible-based Christian worldview is the first step in building a permanently free society.

There is no neutrality. Christians must begin with the Bible in education, not with the assumption of the autonomy of their own minds.

The books and resources on this site are ideal for Christian education, especially a homeschool curriculum. Most of them can be used in an advanced Christian student’s high school curriculum. Because these educational resources are free, Christian homeschool parents can save money on their high school curriculum costs. (Saving money is an important goal.)

Many of these educational resources are suitable for high school curriculum requirements in these areas: Christian history, Bible, government, economics, education, creationism, and other topics that require a self-conscious Christian worldview to interpret them correctly.

These books and other resources will help to immunize college-bound Christian homeschool students against the secular humanism of the college classroom.

Homeschool parents who find some of these Christian educational resources useful may want to send a link to this page to other homeschool parents who are also looking for free high school curriculum materials.

The Bible Gives God’s Rules for All of Life

Maybe you’re tired of hearing the old line: “The Bible isn’t a textbook of [        ].” The person who says this is really saying: “I don’t want to subject my conclusions to what the Bible says. I don’t want to re-think my life’s work in terms of the Bible. The Bible doesn’t tell me what to think!”

We’ve heard this before: “Hath God said?” (Gen. 3:1). The answer is clear: “If it’s in the Bible, then God hath said!” This website will provide you with more Bible- based ammunition than you’ve ever seen before to let you answer the old “Hath God said?” question.

A pastor once lamented: “I came to this church expecting an armory. I found a nursery.” This website was not designed for Christians who are comfortable in a spiritual nursery.

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Title Subtitle Author Subject/Series Year

75 Bible Questions Your Instructors Pray You Won’t Ask North Theology 1986

A Christian Response to Dungeons & Dragons The Catechism of the New Age Grant & Leithart New Age 1987

A Study Guide To Gary North’s Liberating Planet Earth For Individual, Group, Class and Correspondence Course Study North Christian Victory 1991

An Introduction To Christian Economics North Economics 1973

Armageddon Now! The Premillenarian Response to Russia and Israel Since 1917 Wilson Millennialism 1991

Backward Christian Soldiers An Action Manual For Christian Reconstruction North Christian Reconstruction 1984

Baptized Inflation A Critique of “Christian” Keynesianism Hodge Keynesianism 1986

Baptized Patriarchalism The Cult of The Family North Cult of the Family 1995

Beast of Revelation Gentry Revelation 1994

Before Jerusalem Fell Dating the Book of Revelation Gentry Revelation 1989

Boundaries and Dominion An Economic Commentary of Leviticus North Unabridged commentary on Leviticus 1994

Bringing In The Sheaves Transforming Poverty Into Productivity Grant Poverty 1985

By This Standard The Authority Of God’s Law Today Bahnsen Biblical Law 1991

Changing Of The Guard Biblical Principles for Political Action Grant Biblical Blueprint Series Vol. #08 1987

Children Trap Biblical Principles for Education Thoburn Biblical Blueprint Series Vol. #06 1986

The Christian and Politics Thoburn Christians and Politics 1984

Christian Economics Volume 1: Student’s Edition North Economics 2020

Christian Economics Volume 2: Teacher’s Edition North Economics 2020

Christian Economics Volume 3: Activist’s Edition North Economics 2020

Christian Economics Volume 4: Scholar’s Edition Volume I North Economics 2020

Christian Economics Volume 4: Scholar’s Edition Volume 2 North Economics 2020

Christian Reconstruction What It Is, What It Isn’t North & DeMar Dominion Theology 1991

Coase Theorem A Study In Economic Epistemology North Economics Moral and Ethics Aspects 1992

Conspiracy: A Biblical View North 1996

Cooperation and Dominion An Economic Commentary on Romans North 2000

Covenant Enforced Sermons on Deuteronomy 27 and 28 Calvin Sermons Deuteronomy 1990

Covenant Sequence in Leviticus and Deuteronomy Literary Order or Chaos? Jordan Theological pattern 1989

Crossed Fingers How the Liberals Captured the Presbyterian Church North church history 1996

Days of Vengeance An Exposition of The Book of Revelation Chilton Revelation 1990

Debate Over Christian Reconstruction DeMar Christian Reconstruction Debate 1988

Dispossessed Homelessness In America Grant Homelessness 1986

Dominion Covenant: Genesis North Genesis Commentary 1987

Dominion & Common Grace The Biblical Basis of Progress North Biblical Progress 1987

Enterprising Americans A Business History of the United States Chamberlain Business History 1991

Failure of the American Baptist Culture Christianity & Civilization #1 Jordan C&C Volume #1 1982

Grand Illusions The Legacy of Planned Parenthood Grant Planned Parenthood 1988

Great Tribulation Chilton Tribulation 1987

Greatness of the Great Commission The Christian Enterprise in a Fallen World Gentry Great Commission 1993

He Shall Have Dominion A Postmillennial Eschatology Gentry Eschatology 1992

Healer Of The Nations Biblical Principles for International Relations North Biblical Blueprint Series Vol. #09 1987

Heredaran La Tierra (in Spanish) Esquemas Biblicos para la Economia Politica North Biblical Principles for Economics 1987

Hoax of Higher Criticism North Biblical higher criticism 1989

Honest Money Biblical Principles of Money and Banking North Biblical Blueprint Series Vol. #05 1986

House Divided The Break-Up of Dispensational Theology Bahnsen & Gentry Dispensational Theology 1989

In The Shadow Of Plenty Biblical Principles of Welfare and Poverty Grant Biblical Blueprint Series Vol. #04 1986

Inherit The Earth Biblical Principles for Economics North Biblical Blueprint Series Vol. #07 1987

Inheritance and Dominion An Economic Commentary on Dueteronomy North Deuteronomy Commentary 1999

Is The World Running Down? Crisis in the Christian Worldview North Christian Worldview 1988

Judeo Christian Tradition A Guide for the Perplexed North Judaism 1990

Judges God’s War Against Humanism Jordan Judges Commentary 1985

Killer Angel A Biography of Planned Parenthood’s Founder Margaret Sanger Grant Planned Parenthood, A Biography of Margaret Sanger 1995

La Gran Tribulacion (in Spanish) Chilton Tribulation 1991

La Liberation Del Planeta Tierra (in Spanish) Una Introduction a los prototipos Biblicos North Biblical Blueprint Series Vol. #01 1987

Law of the Covenant An Exposition of Exodus 21-23 Jordan Theonomy 1984

Legacy of Hatred Continues A Response to Hal Lindsey’s “The Road to Holocaust” DeMar & Leithart Anti-Semitism 1989

Leviticus An Economic Commentary North Leviticus commentary 1994

Liberating Planet Earth An Introduction to Biblical Blueprints North Biblical Blueprint Series Vol. #01 1991

Liberating Planet Earth (in Korean) An Introduction to Biblical Blueprints North Biblical Blueprint Series Vol. #01 1987

Lone Gunners for Jesus Letters to Paul J. Hill North Abortion religious aspects 1994

Marx’s Religion of Revolution Regeneration Through Chaos North Marxism 1989

Marx’s Religion of Revolution (in Russian) Regeneration Through Chaos North Marxism 1994

Millennialism And Social Theory North Millennialism 1990

Moses and Pharaoh Dominion Religion vs. Power Religion North Dominion and Power Religion 1985

No Other Standard Theonomy and Its Critics Bahnsen Law (Theology) 1991

Paradise Restored A Biblical Theology of Dominion Chilton Dominion Theology 1994

Political Polytheism The Myth of Pluralism North Pluralism 1989

Priorities and Dominion An Economic Commentary on Matthew North Matthew Commentary 2000

Productive Christians In An Age Of Guilt Manipulators A Biblical Response to Ronald J. Sider Chilton Ronald J. Sider 1986

Puritan Economic Experiments North Puritans and Government Controls 1988

Rapture Fever Why Dispensationalism is Paralyzed North Dispensationalism 1993

Reconstruction of the Church Christianity & Civilization #4 Jordan C&C Volume #4 1985

Reduction of Christianity A Biblical Response to Dave Hunt DeMar & Leithart New Age Movement 1990

Ruler Of The Nations Biblical Principles for Government DeMar Biblical Blueprint Series Vol. #02 1987

Salvation Through Inflation The Economics of Social Credit North Social Credit 1993

Sanctions and Dominion An Economic Commentary on Numbers North Numbers Commentary 2000

Second Chance Biblical Principles of Divorce and Remarriage Sutton Biblical Blueprint Series Vol. #10 1988

Sinai Strategy Economics And The Ten Commandments North Part Two of Gary North’s commentary on Exodus 1986

Sociology of the Church Essays in Reconstruction Jordan Reconstruction 1986

Tactics of Christian Resistance Christianity & Civilization #3 North C&C Volume #3 1983

That You May Prosper Dominion By Covenant Sutton Covenants 1992

Theology of Christian Resistance Christianity & Civilization #2 North C&C Volume #2 1983

Theonomy An Informed Response North Theonomy 1991

Third Time Around A History of the Pro-Life Movement from the First Century to the Present Grant Pro-Life Movement 1991

Through New Eyes Developing a Biblical View of the World Jordan Biblical Worldview 1988

Tithing and the Church North Tithe 1994

Tools of Dominion The Case Laws of Exodus North Economic commentary on Exodus 21-40 1990

Treasure and Dominion An Economic Commentary on Luke North Economic commentary on the Bible 2000

Trespassing For Dear Life What Is Operation Rescue Up To? North Operation Rescue 1989

Trial And Error The American Civil Liberties Union and Its Impact on Your Family Grant ACLU 1989

Unconditional Surrender God’s Program for Victory North Dominion Theology 1994

Unholy Alliance The Definitive History of the National Council of Churches and Its Leftist Policies – From 1908 to the Present Singer National Council of Churches 1975

Unholy Spirits Occultism and New Age Humanism North Occultism 1994

Victim’s Rights The Biblical View of Civil Justice North Biblical Justice 1990

Was Calvin a Theonomist? North Theonomy 1990

Westminster’s Confession The Abandonment of Van Til’s Legacy North Theonomy 1991

When Justice Is Aborted Biblical Standards For Non-Violent Resistance North Non-Violent Resistance 1989

Who Owns The Family God or the State? Sutton Biblical Blueprint Series Vol. #03 1986