Conspiracy in Philadelphia

Posted on April 4, 2020

Written by Gary North

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On May 25th, 1787, a group of 55 men gathered for a closed meeting in Philadelphia. Officially, it was being convened to discuss alterations to the then constitution of the United States of America: the Articles of Confederation. Some state legislatures had authorized their representatives to attend the meeting only on this basis, explicitly prohibiting them from considering a new constitution. To make certain that the general public did not find out about the nature of this conspiracy, the convention members swore an oath not to discuss any proceedings with the public…for the rest of their lives. The only first-hand accounts of the proceedings were published several years later after the death of the last survivor, James Madison, in 1836. The press was forbidden to attend. The meetings were held on the second floor of the building, so that would-be eavesdroppers could not hear anything. The new constitution would become the law of the land whenever nine state conventions ratified it. This was in explicit violation of the Articles, which required a unanimous vote for amendments. Thus did a group of men launch a coup-d’etat. This coup established a new national covenant in 1788, a covenant stripped of the Articles’ invocation of God, “The Great Governor of the World,” with only the old country’s name transferred for public relations’ sake: the United States of America. Today, we would call this a trademark violation. But it worked. In this new book from Conspiracy in Philadelphia: The Broken Covenant of the U.S. Constitution Dr. Gary North, in nearly five hundred pages with thousands of footnotes rehearses the story of the deeply theological origins and implications of that coup against the God of the Bible and His people, the Church of the Lord Jesus!

Restoring America

Posted on October 1, 2019

Written by

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“I want to see America free again! So, what do I do?” This is an often asked but rarely answered question, that is, until now… The answers to that question are in this book. Restoring America One County at a Time is an action manual for anyone concerned about liberty. But it’s much more than just an action manual. It boldly represents the type of iconoclastic history lessons, biblical studies, moral challenges, unpopular truths and reformational remedies a restored Christian republic will require. This is a training manual designed to empower your whole education and worldview. And it’s for the serious only. It will not do to content ourselves with lip service to patriotism, faith and freedom. We must have real, substantial plans and real, practical action items. These must be clear and they must be broad, addressing every single area of life.

The result of Restoring America One County at a Time is an inspiring and practical vision of America based upon the Bible, covering ten major areas of life: Education, Welfare, Local Government, State Government, Taxation, Money and Banking, Free Markets, Courts, War and the Military, Executive Power. Unless we invest the time and sweat to get these things back, we have no one to blame for society’s erosion but ourselves. And of course, all the books in the world won’t help you restore America, especially when they don’t tell you what you can actually do, and do now! Every four years, Americans line up at their local polling places to cast their ballots for President. Most of them believe this is the most important vote they make — the very essence of their voice in American politics. Yet, while they haggle over which party’s middle man will sit in the White House, the civil government continues its unimpeded invasion into the personal lives of every citizen. Most Americans are unwittingly expanding the State’s power simply by believing that real change can be effected at only the national level.

Joel McDurmon’s Restoring America One County at a Time shatters this misconception, exploring the destructive path government centralization has taken in ten crucial areas of American life including education, welfare, and taxes. He also provides concrete advice on how families and individuals can reverse the national trends that threaten the life, liberty, and property of every American. National change need not happen at the national level. In fact, McDurmon’s well-researched analysis of American history establishes that real change cannot happen through coercive centralized controls, no matter how good one’s intentions may be. Radical change at the national level must flow naturally from a careful return to biblical prescriptions at the local level. If you’re tired of the right-wing, left-wing party see-saw that never seems to make any difference… If you’re tired of the talk radio griping that never really offers any solutions… If you want to work for significant change now, find out how in this incisive book. And if you’re not ready to make a change, find out why you should be! This is a production of Reconstructionist Radio.

Joel McDurmon discusses the role of Christian Worldview, politics, theology, and how to restore our American Republic.


Easy Chair with R.J. Rushdoony

Posted on October 1, 2019

Written by

The Easy Chair with R.J. Rushdoony is an audio series of colloquies, casual conversations, and roundtables presented by Chalcedon Foundation. Various topics are discussed solo by Rousas John Rushdoony and with guests, covering all areas of life and culture. Looking at life from a theonomic, Christian Reconstructionist perspective, we properly apply God’s word to our lives. These episodes were originally recorded in the 1980’s-1990’s.